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Infertility kinda sucks.

the plan


After my last post I realized I hadn’t been totally clear about what our plans are. So here is The Plan.

At the beginning of September, I’ll call my doctor to find out what is the best time frame for IVF. I’ll have to have another diagnostic hysteroscopy (not the surgical one) to make sure I don’t have any more polyps. If I do – god forbid – I’ll have to have surgery. Or jump off a building. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Assuming everything looks good, we’ll start IVF in October or November. The whole process takes about 2 months, so the actual transfer (putting embryos back in) would be either in November or December.


If – god forbid – IVF does not work, we plan to move, presumably in the Spring (April-ish). I say “plan to” because I know how plans fall through and life happens. But right now it’s nice to have a back-up plan. Life has been on hold for far too long and we’re ready for a change – one way or another. Moving would be kind of a “consolation prize” and gives us something to look forward to just in case we need that. Kind of like when we went to Mexico for my 30th birthday since I wasn’t pregnant by then (wow, that was 2.5 years ago…depressing).

If – yay! – IVF does work for us, we still plan to move, but the “when” would depend on life. We would really have to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of moving with a kid on the way; thinking about costs, insurance, jobs, life, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

We want both – moving and a baby – but right now we want a baby more than we want to move. So we may put moving on hold. Or we may not! But that’s a bridge to cross when we (hopefully) get to it.

So that’s the plan. And hopefully that answers everyone’s questions. Because I know you’re all just dying to know exactly what my life plans are.

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Sounds exciting no matter what! Proud of you guys, love you guys.

  • Real exicited about the IVF plan but not the move. No matter what plans yall have will love and support you.

  • As always, thinking and praying for you guys! I’m hoping your wait flies by and there is wonderful news for the holidays!!

  • I love you – and I need to keep my address book updated so, yes, I want to know exactly what your plans are!

  • Oh I so relate to your woes. It’s impossible to plan anything with IVF looming over your head! B/c it’ll decide our plans for us. I really want to make a job change which involves going back to school beforehand, but I can’t juggle my full time job, plus school during this IVF cycle, so I am going to have to wait it out for school. It’s so incredibly frustrating b/c it feels like yet another way that IF rules my life.
    Here’s hoping for the best for both of us…

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