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About 2 years ago, when I was seeing a therapist, she urged me to attend a support group. I was very hesitant and put it off for a few months. I’m not good with strangers. I don’t like meeting new people. I’m painfully shy. I don’t like groups. The idea of walking into a restaurant, meeting a bunch of new people, and having to talk to them was my idea of pure torture. But she kept urging me, and I finally decided I would go.

I remember the first meeting vividly. I was terrified of walking into that restaurant. And then when I met everyone and the meeting got started and I learned that we had to go around the table and tell our “stories,” I wanted to run out and never come back.

But getting up and leaving in front of everyone would have been even more terrifying. Plus, I had already ordered dinner.

So I stayed. And it was ok. I was extremely nervous talking in front of everyone, but I got through it. And I came back.

I’ve been going to the group for over a year and a half. After the first few months, the leader decided to step down. Another girl started to lead, and after a few months, she got pregnant and adopted a baby, and she left. Then someone else took over, and eventually got pregnant, and had to leave (the rule for the group is that you can stay through your first trimester because it’s such an uncertain time, and then you have to leave and graduate to the “success” group).

The group has grown from 5 active members to about 30. But this time, no one wanted to lead. Honestly, I thought about not going any more. It was so hard to continually watch people to come to the group, start to get to know them, and then have them get pregnant and move on without me. Especially when we weren’t pursuing any sort of treatment for such a long time. Toward the end, the only reason I went was to see the people who I had become friends with.

But I didn’t want the group to die. It’s been too much a part of my life and has made such a huge difference. And I’ve made friends, and I would miss them.

So I volunteered.

Anyone who knows me in “real life” knows that I am not a leader of any kind. Like I said above: I am painfully shy. Groups terrify me. Talking in front of a group is the thing in the world I hate and dread most.

Plus, I can barely get through a regular day as it is – my life is stressful and very, very busy. I can barely keep up with myself, and so I struggle – how can I keep up with 30 people?

So I was hesitant to lead the group, to say the least.

But here I am. I’ve been the official leader since the beginning of the month, and I’m starting to get the hang of keeping up with everyone and commenting on our group’s secret Facebook page on a regular basis. But tonight is the first time I host the actual support group – you know, get up in front of a bunch of people (some, strangers) and talk. Loudly enough for everyone to hear and long enough to say what needs to be said.

I figure this will either be a disaster, or maybe I’ll gain some sort of confidence in the end.

Either way, this is what I signed up for. Me – leading a group. Can you imagine? I still can’t.

Life is so unpredicatble.

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🙂 Ill be thinking about you tonight! Hope it goes well for you!

  • you’ll do awesome!

  • Go, Stacie!!

  • Speak from your heart you will do fine.

  • Good for you!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! And I DEFINITELY hope the tradition continues. =)

  • I am sure you did just fine! It’s so crazy how we can think that we look like complete goobers when really no one notices how nervous we are. I am the same as you: shy and I hate speaking in front of groups. I have always admired ppl that are good it. But you are the most admirable. Thank you for taking something on that isn’t a natural fit. I hope you know what a positive impact the group makes on all of us. Thank you for stepping up. And if you ever need help w anything let me know.

  • wow, this is amazing. You should be so very proud of yourself. I am so glad you have this group, it sounds like it is such a support and relief. Good luck as the new leader, I am sure you will do great

  • You may not feel like a leader, but you are definitely a role model. Love you. You will do great!

  • I suspect that your fellow group members will be pulling for you to succeed. As you’ve pointed out, they certainly don’t want the job. I suggest that when chairing the meetings, you imagine yourself to be around 10 years old and look around at everyone there like they were your little sisters. That little 10-year old will do just fine.

  • So proud of you…you are a strong woman!

  • That’s awesome! You should be proud of yourself! I hope it does lead to more confidence for you in the end! 😉

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