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Infertility kinda sucks.

shots in the dark


I wonder if anyone ever makes it through an entire IVF cycle without doing at least one shot away from home?

I thought we’d planned it all out perfectly. Yesterday morning as we drove to a photoshoot, D and I talked about the day ahead. He was excited about the imrpov workshop he was taking later that day; he’d asked me about it a couple of weeks ago, I double checked the calendar, and everything looked ok. But then I asked “what time is it again?” and he said 5-8 and we both went: “Oh crap.”

The gonal-f shots are supposed to be around the same time every evening between 6-8. How both of us totally missed that the workshop was during that time is beyond me. The workshop was held about 35 minutes from our house. So after some deliberation we made a plan.

So, after a day when I was away from home from 8am-4:45pm doing photo shoots, and after already driving 100 miles, I headed back downtown where I had been already that morning. I parked in the ally a few blocks away from the comedy house so I wouldn’t have to sit at a meter or on a street where lots of people walk. I sat alone in the dark ally for over half an hour waiting for D to get a break. I finally saw him jogging to the car. He got in, prepped everything, and gave me the shot as I looked at the window at what I could see of the Dallas skyline. Then I drove him back to his workshop and drove myself home.

These are the shots that stimulate my follicles to grow. The goal is to get several follicles containing mature eggs. They’re the same shots we did when we did IUIs, but the dosage is much higher. With IUIs we never went above 150; the goal was to get 3-4 follicles. With IVF, we started at 225; the goal is to get as many good-quality eggs as they can.

I can already feel my ovaries working overtime. Sometimes it really hurts; like being stabbed from the inside. I called the clinic this morning and they assured me that this is totally normal.

Tomorrow morning is my first follicle check. I’m extremely anxious to get to that point, where I find out what’s going on in there and get a better idea of what to expect and how all of this is going to go.

More then.

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That’s funny! The weird stuff we go through during IF treatment. Good luck tomorrow!

  • Hoping that that will be the most creative you will have to be with your injection locations! And hoping everything goes well for you tomorrow at the docs.

  • I know this isn’t funny.. but what if a cop had stumbled onto your car in the midst of THAT one? 😉 Talk about a back alley drug deal. Hang in there! At least starting tomorrow things will start to speed up a bit! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow! <3 H

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