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Infertility kinda sucks.



This morning I had my baseline sonogram. I’m on day 5 of stims and still on Lupron (two shots a day is even less fun than it sounds). She said my lining looked good – the minimum they want at this point is 5mm and mine is 6.9mm. She counted 11 follicles on the right that were 9mm or smaller, and 9 on the left that were the same, as well as 3 that were 4mm or less. I’m staying on the same dosage of gonal-f for the next 3 nights and go back Friday morning to see how things are progressing.

I can already tell that every step of this is going to nearly kill me. Three days feels like an absolute eternity, especially with my ovaries writhing around in pain, and this is only the beginning. I can’t even imagine the torture when I’m waiting for eggs to fertilize – or to find out if this whole thing was successful.

Because of monitoring appointments and a general desire to keep life as calm as possible, we’re not traveling for Thanksgiving. Instead, we’re ordering a pre-cooked meal from Sprouts that we just throw in the microwave the day of. As much as I love spending this day with family and 36 hours of cooking, I’m really looking forward to this time with just the 2 of us. A whole day of nothing sounds like the most amazing thing in the world right now.

As busy as I am in the meantime, at least 98% of my thoughts are devoted to IVF. It’s constantly on my brain. I still can’t believe we’re here. I guess it’ll feel real at least when I go into surgery to have eggs sucked out of my uterus.

And that’s about where we are right now. Mainly just waiting. I should be a Waiting Champion right now. I could win some kind of award. Or then again maybe not, because I suck at it.

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So excited for you! I am waiting with you.

  • WOW! That is GREAT news. You are on the right track!

    I thought I was doing well…miraculously well, until TODAY!!!
    The 2WW is driving me BANANAS!!! I have an HPT in my purse that I am too terrified to use!!!
    It’s my BDAY tomorrow and I can either spend it celebrating the most beautiful thing in my life, or crying desperately in despair……….I wonder why things have to be so tough through IF!
    ANy advice is welcomed today 🙂
    Crossing my fingers for you 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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