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Infertility kinda sucks.

passing time


I’m already starting to lose it and it’s only been 3 days.

I’ve watched movies and tv shows, read a book, read several magazines, crocheted some stuff, worked, and slept. I’ve also eaten a lot.

This morning I went to drive my car for the first time since Saturday and discovered that my battery was dead. I wasn’t really even annoyed, I just kind of thought, “oh, that figures.” So now I have a fresh new battery for “winter.” If we have winter this year.

My birthday is this coming Saturday. I debated for a long time about what I wanted to do. I went back and forth between wanting to go out of town for the weekend because until recently we didn’t know when the beta would be and I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling. The other night I finally decided to just “get away” for a bit. Just for one night, and we’re not going far, just an hour & a half away, but I’m really looking forward to it now. We’re staying at a bed & breakfast that’s actually private little cottages. With a cute little porch & a big bathtub & a sitting area & someone else to make us breakfast. I can just feel the relaxation oozing out of the pictures on their website.

I think the mix of distraction & relaxation will be perfect.

The shots are still not fun, although icing beforehand does help the injection pain and the lower spots hurt much less than the higher ones. I’m still super sore in the general areas though. Laying on my side can hurt and it’s still uncomfortable to lay on my stomach or back because my ovaries still don’t feel up to 100%, so falling asleep can be rough. My heating pad that I actually bought for photo shoots has become my new best friend. It even rode to work with me (though I left it in the car).

I still look at my embryo picture all the time. I kept it propped up on the coffee table while I was spending my days on the couch, and now it’s on my desk where I can see it. I wonder how they’re doing in there. I think about them all the time.

Time has never passed so slowly.

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Marsha and I talked about his today…about how these two weeks will feel so long for you. Hang in there. Call if you need a distraction. I will send you the link for the wedding pictures and you can look through them. If you think of anything we can all do to distract you, let us know. love you.

  • Thinking about you and keeping fingers crossed that your two snuggle in tight!! Hope your weekend away helps the time pass a little faster. And happy birthday!!!!

  • Hang in there. Hoping the festivities can be a distraction in the days ahead!

  • 2 WEEKS? geez. I’m glad you are going somewhere for your birthday.

  • I hope your little getaway is just what you need! Sounds lovely. Did your clinic tell you “no baths” after the transfer? They said I could shower, but not immerse in water. (I didn’t ask why, but assumed that maybe a little water could get through the cervix still?)

    Also, I am SO glad you got the PIO thing figured out. What kind of oil was the progesterone in? Mine was in ethyl oleate which I have heard is the least allergenic.

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