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Infertility kinda sucks.

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I finally got to schedule my appointments. The office was closed yesterday so I called at 7:31 this morning.The receptionist said “you already had one, do you need another one?” and then “it’s not written in your chart.” Apparently she didn’t see the “three-month follow-up cavity check” that the nurses keep seeing whenever they pull up my chart. I know it’s in there.

Sigh. If we didn’t love our doctor so much, the rest of the clinic would definitely drive us away. It’s pretty amazing. And not in a good way.

This Friday I go in for an office hysteroscopy to see if the polyp has come back. I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it has not. If I have to have a third surgery I might just lose it. Keep your fingers crossed for a polyp-free uterus.

Assuming no polyps have invaded, our pre-IVF appointment is the following Friday. That’s when we learn when we start, what all the days are, etc. It’ll be hard to wait for the appointments; I expect time to stand still this week.

Please please please no more delays. No more surgeries. I need this to be over.

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I’m really hoping that you get good news Friday! Good luck!

  • Love and Prayers for you both!

  • Fingers cross and prayers locked and loaded. Love you and thinking about you!

  • Praying for a speedy road to your IVF! And I totally know what you mean, and agree, about your clinic’s front office staff… :\

  • fingers crossed, my friend!!!!

  • Stacie, love you and wish that I could hug you right now. Can’t wait to be with everyone in October at the wedding.

  • I am very hopeful for your appointment to be polyp free on Friday! Wishing you a peaceful heart and want you to know how much your dad and I love you!

  • Praying for no polyps!!

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