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We had a bit of a mini-crisis this morning. Right at shot time, D came into the room and asked if we had more needles because we already went through the ones in the 2-week kit.

When I first got all the meds, I threw everything in the fridge because of the notice on the box that they needed to stay cold. A day or two later, I realized some of them are supposed to stay warm, so I took those out, along with the needles. We have a million needles, but they all seem to be for progresterone. I assumed that we had extra ones in the box. D assumed that some of the needles on the counter could be used for this shot. Cue panic.

I couldn’t believe they hadn’t given us extras for this one when every other one came with a billion extras. How was I supposed to take 3 weeks of shots with a 2 week kit? What was wrong with all these people?

I waited 15 minutes until the clinic opened, but they don’t always turn the answering service off right away and I was getting panicky. So D went to the internets and read that you can buy syringes over the counter. Our clinic is at least 20 minutes away, more at traffic time, and CVS is 5, so we went off to CVS. The girl at the pharmacy did not want to be there and looked at us suspiciously, and said that she could only give us syringes if we’d gotten a prescription filled there. So we headed over to Walgreens, another 8 minutes down the road (all of this was happening at rush hour).

Lupron is supposed to be taken at the same time every day, and we were given a 30-minute window on both sides. Our 30-minute window was up at this time and I was getting worried. We got to Walgreens, explained the situation to the friendly pharmacist, and she got the syringes.

As soon as she held up the bag to show us, it hit me: “Oh my god, that’s what’s in the refrigerator” I said. For some reason, those needles didn’t come out with the rest. Whenever I saw them I wondered why there were baby carrots in our fridge (they have orange caps and at a glance, in the context of being in the fridge, my brain made them baby carrots). Then I would realize they were syringes and completely forget about them. I have no idea why I never took them out. Just wasn’t thinking.

I was so embarrassed. I felt like such an idiot. Luckily the pharmacist was nice about the whole thing and D wasn’t annoyed with me at all (or if he was, he didn’t show it). For some reason, the panic took over and I just didn’t think the whole thing through.

So after a stressful, panicky 45 minutes, we got home, took the syringes out of the fridge, and did the shot. I feel really dumb about the whole ordeal.

At least now I know we have 10 more needles and I’ll be really careful about running out in the future.

I start stims tomorrow, stim for 4 days, and then go in on Tuesday morning to see how my follicles are growing. I’m anxious to get to the monitoring part. This part is boring. Now that we’re here let’s get this show on the road.

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aw….good luck tomorrow, sorry today was so panicky.

  • Sorry to hear that!! One morning this cycle I overslept until nearly 11am and missed my Lupron window by about 3 hours! I just took it as soon as I got up and it was fine. So don’t worry!

  • It will be funny – later…! Hugs for now!!

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