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Infertility kinda sucks.



I got the call. Out of the 23 eggs retrieved, 22 were mature. Out of those, 19 fertilized normally.

The embryologist told me I have great eggs. He also said that he was taking good care of our embryos so not to worry about them.

Now we wait until Saturday to get the 3-day report.

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awesome!!! :-)!!

  • This is exciting! Praying for you two!

  • sweet! and amazing!

  • Great news!!
    Norm says try not to beat the Duggar mom all at once! 😉
    Love you

  • OMGosh! Those numbers are amazing!! Looking forward to your next update 🙂

  • Okay…just want you to know how deeply I have been walking this with you. I honestly do think about you every single day and feel invested in all that is happening. Crying as I am reading this post. Happiness is happening! One step closer to reality!

  • Fantastic. You are going to have your pick of top notch embies!!

  • In a different context, “You have great eggs” might sound like a creepy pick up line, but in this case it’s great to hear!! Praying over the embryos and wishing you peace as you take these next steps! I am so excited for yall!

  • So excited for you!! 🙂

  • Fantastic result, congratulations! Fingers crossed for lovely embies.

  • Been following you for quite a long while. Loved reading this entry. Those are some kickass numbers! =)

  • Ahhh that is fantastic!!!! I can’t wait to hear the report on Saturday. Crossing my fingers for you! xo Jane


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