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Infertility kinda sucks.

3 days


After picking up my phone every 5 minutes between 8:00-11:00 to make sure it hadn’t rung, the lab finally called with the report. Of the 19 eggs that fertilized, this is what we have for embryos right now:

7 excellent quality

6 good quality

3 average quality

1 poor quality

2 very poor quality

They probably all won’t make it until Monday, but we’re told that usually around half make it. I don’t really understand the grading system so I can’t explain that, but honestly I’m fine not knowing. I’ve heard of excellent embryos not implanting and terrible ones become healthy children so I’m trying not to obsess over that aspect.

I am obsessing over the rest though. Monday feels like forever away. Our transfer is scheduled for noon.

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wow! there is a time and place and there are fertilized eggs and they are in good shape and you are ready!!! It is going to happen!! Can you believe it? Yay! Yay! and Yay!

  • My prayers going out to the both of you!

  • Good luck!!! Hoping noon on Monday comes quickly and those little embies snuggle in tight

  • That is very good news! Best of luck with the transfer. Did your RE prescribe valium for the transfer? I had it with my second one but not my first. I much preferred it with valium! So relaxing.

  • Julie said it! Wishing you all good things. Love and hugs, Stacie and Darek!!!

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