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Infertility kinda sucks.



Tomorrow’s the big day! I’m not really sure how this weekend has passed as quickly as it has. I guess trying to cram all my work in before Monday paid off in keeping me distracted.

In the meantime, Ow. I started progesterone shots on Friday, the ones I had been dreading. After the first two I was a little sore, but tonight’s just sucked. It hurt a lot while D was giving me the shot, I bled, and now I have a knot and a throbbing pain.

We tried the things I found online and heard from my support group – warmed up the oil, used a heating pad, massaged the area for several minutes afterward – but somewhere we failed. D does a really great job with them; up until tonight, they’ve barely hurt going in. Last night’s was so tame I wasn’t even sure if it was in (and didn’t ask; just kept watching Finding Nemo to try to keep my mind off it). My technique is to lay on the bed and watch Pixar movies while D stabs me in the hip when I’m not expecting it. It’s about as romantic and awesome as it sounds.

I haven’t tried icing it because I’ve heard mixed things about that – icing an area that needs to be warm for the oil to spread. And really the needle going in hasn’t hurt until tonight, and even that was bearable. It’s just this lasting pain that’s driving me nuts.

Does anyone have any advice or any magic cures?

Because ow.

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Oh, sorry about that PIO! It is not fun. For me, it usually didn’t hurt, but sometimes it did. It was pretty impossible to predict when it would hurt, although I found that the more I was able to relax, the better. (Especially laying down was best, so you got that right! Standing made me more likely to tense up.) My strategy was to lie flat on my tummy with my feet turned in, and take one slow deep breath in and out. DH was supposed to inject any time during that breath. I think the breathing really helped. And also it helped when he massaged, hard, for like five minutes afterward.

I am not going to lie to you though, I have now been done with PIO for over a month, and I still have slightly tender little knots on both sides of my bootie. They are slowly getting better.

Oh, and also, the shots sometimes bled, sometimes not. Just part of the fun.

Hang in there!

  • Thinking of you. Hope all went well today! Love you!

  • Praying for you & sending love!

  • I have been thinking about you all day and wondering what was happening….when you are ready….let us know.

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