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Infertility kinda sucks.

shot in the hip


We had another bad shot last night. Afterwards we went out to dinner at my favorite pizza place for my “birthday dinner” and I could barely walk without feeling extremely uncomfortable. Sitting was hard, too. This morning I looked at the injection site in the mirror and it looked angry. Red.

It all hurts so bad. I have knots everywhere. My skin is burning. It itches like crazy and nothing helps.

I couldn’t imagine doing three more shots like this without having access to the nurses, so I went ahead and called to make sure everything was normal. She told me to come in so she could look at it, which I wasn’t expecting. I thought she’d say “oh that’s normal” like every other concern I call with.

Not this time.

I’m allergic to the oil that the progesterone is in. That’s why my skin is red and hot and itchy.

No more shots for me. They switched me to suppositories, which are maybe equally as bad, though in very different ways. I won’t get into details here, but it’s not so fun.

So it turns out that I wasn’t just being a big huge baby about the shots – they really disagree with me.

It still hurts a lot, but at least that’s the end of the shots.

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So sorry, hope you feel better soon!

  • I’m glad you don’t have to do any more shots, although I wish there was an oral medication =/. Happy birthday anyway!!

  • wow! so sorry but so glad that you called the nurse. still thinking about you and hoping like crazy!

  • Happy birthday! Sorry it’s been a really uncomfortable one. Love you dearly.

  • Oh you brave brave woman. Seriously I am in awe of what you do. I hope the suppositories are better (that doesn’t seem like a nice thing to hope for!). You are in my prayers daily! Enjoy your birthday weekend!

  • I was allergic to the oil, too – I don’t understand why sesame oil is used if so many women develop an allergy to it! I switched to progesterone in olive oil, but it took a few weeks before my skin cleared up. I had a pretty ugly rash for a while!

  • Sounds rough. The suppositories are gross but they worked for me.

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